Dante Alighieri ( Florence 1265 - Ravenna 1321)
Italian writer and politician, he is considered the First and greatest of the Italian poets. He is considered the best poet of the Italian language. For his literary use of the Vernacular, he is also considered the father of the Italian language. His major work was the Divine Commedy which is the most important poem in Italian literature and is considered a masterpiece of the world literature. He had a very difficult life, and died exiled from his native city.

appartment characteristics

4 rooms 6+2 pers.
First floor/1st level
Kitchen - living-room with parquet floor + ded sofa 2 pers.
01 double room
01 bathroom in parquet with shower
2nd level:
Double bedroom with wood ceiling, parquet floor
Twin bed room with wood ceiling, parquet floor
Bathroom with shower and bath