Jean de Boulogne (Douai 1529 - Florence 1608)
A Flemish sculptor active in Italy, particularly in Florence. After a training period in his native country, he went to Rome in 1550 to study the ancient statues of private collections and Michelangelo’s works. The contact with the great Italian artist developed in the young Flemish a taste for the dynamism of figures. Giambologna was the most important sculptor of the age of Mannerism and left in Florence a great lesson which survived him. Among his main works: the Fontana dell'Oceano (Florence), the Ratto delle Sabine (Florence, Loggia dei Lanzi), the Equestrian Statue of Cosimo I (Florence, Piazza della Signoria).

appartment characteristics

Two room apartment 2+2 pers. on 2 floors
First floor: living-room with sofa-bed 2 pers.; kitchen; 1 bathroom with bath.
Second floor (wood ceiling): 1 double bedroom with a small terrace; 1 bathroom with bath