Bernardo Buontalenti (Florence 1536 – 1608)
Italian painter, sculptor, architect, scenographer, he was one of the most active artists in the Florentine grand-ducal Court of the sixteenth century. He played a key role in the age of Mannerism, and received several important assignments, such as the planning of the city of Livorno, the decoration of Palazzo Pitti and the Garden of Boboli (in Florence). In spite of his great success, his squandering brought to his downfall, and, if the grand duke had not given him a pension, he would have died in an abject poverty.

appartment characteristics

Three rooms apartment: 4+2 pers.
First floor: living-room with sofa-bed 2 pers.; kitchen; 1 double-bedroom; 1 bathroom with bath and shower; 1 room with 2 single beds on the mezzanine floor.